Jo Frost-11-11-11

Jo heads off to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet the Shuster Family with 5 wild little boys. Dad Jose (42) and mom Deborah (38) are at wit's ends when Moses (9), Eric (8), Miguel (3), and identical twins Pedro and Pepito (2) have taken over the household. Miguel and the twins refuse to give up their pacifiers or their bottles, they throw tantrums, kick, scream, bite, and swear. Moses and Eric refuse to listen to their parents, they fight, spit, swear, hit, and show no respect for authority. There is no bedtime routine, so the boys wind up staying up all night watching TV and movies. Will Jo step up to the plate and turn things around?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Platform (for Miguel, Pedro and Pepito), Privilege Removal Board, Naughty Room (for Eric and Moses), Toy Confiscation

Other techniques used: Paci-Fairy technique, Bye Bye Bottle, Cowboy Reward Chart, Stay in Bed