The Shoto Family is an episode of season 29 Annie travels to Hokkaido, Japan to help the Shotos, with a father who prevents his children from playing with toys, watching TV and using the laptop on weekends, Masaru, age 35, and Hanako, age 39, they have 8 children, Yoko, age 19, Aiko, age 13, Akira, age 11, (From Hanako's previous marriage), Hiraku, age 9, Hayate, age 5, Daichi, age 4, Cho, age 3, and Chiyoko, age 21 months, the oldest 4 are well-behaved, but not the rest, they fight, scream, swear, they break toys, and hurt people, they disagree with Masaru's rules as much as their Hanako and the older four do. Masaru is so obessive, he plans every second of their weekend, and what they can do, and the pattern is affecting Hanako's and Masaru's relationship, Akira is suffering from depression and is failing in school since he needs the laptop to do his homework on World War 2, Can Annie help of will it get worse?

Discpline Techiques: Naughty Pit (For Cho and Chiyoko), Thinking Pond (For Daichi and Hayate)

Other Techiques: Thought Box (For Akira), Homework Station (For Akira)