Shona Goodman (born February 15, 2034) is a daughter of a single widowed father Leopold Goodman and the identical triplet sister of Jackie and Fiona.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Leopold Goodman (2008-)
  • Mother: Winona Goodman (née: Willis) (deceased: 2005-2035)
  • Sisters: Nadia Goodman (2028-), Gemma Goodman (2029-), Jackie Goodman (2034-), Fiona Goodman (2034-), Megan Goodman (2035-), Miriama Goodman (2035-)
  • Aunts: Sharon Goodman-Corbin (2004-), Judith Willis- ( -), Ruby Willis ( -), Tamar Willis- ( -), Keturah Willis- ( -), Martha -Willis ( -), Delilah -Willis ( -)
  • Uncles: Fletcher Goodman (2009-), Rob Goodman (2010-)
  • Cousins: Kathi Goodman, Simon Goodman
  • Grandmothers: Jennifer Goodman (née: Brown; 1982-), Evelyn Willis (née: Monroe; 1980-)
  • Grandfathers: Mark Goodman (1981-), James Willis (1979-)


  • Her full name is Shona Natalie Goodman
  • She started wearing glasses when she was 2
  • She is made fun of by Nadia, Jackie and Fiona for wearing glasses
  • Her favorite color is seafoam green
  • Her favorite toy is
  • Her favorite movie is Disney\Jim Henson's Muppet Treasure Island
  • Her favorite TV show is


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