The Shokoto Family is an episode of season 20. Jo travels to Osaka, Japan to help Toshio, age 37, and Naoko, age 36 and their 10 children. Masaru, age 13, Asuka, age 11, Yoshi, age 9, fraternal twins Reiko-Aki and Kazuki, age 7, Naoki, age 5, Haru, age 4, Fraternal Triplets Minako, Daisuke, and Reiko-Satoko, age 3. The twins,Masaru, Asuka, Yoshi and the triplets are the only well-behaved children. Naoki and Haru (mostly Haru) are far from it. Naoki is mostly-well behaved but refuses to go to bed because of Haru screaming and throwing tantrums while Haru (The worst behaved) swears, kicks, is very dominant and spoiled, snatches toys from his triplet siblings.he also got kicked out of 4 schools wiithin the last year he also punches his mother's womb containing her upcoming daughter.

Disipline Techiques: Naughty Pillow (for Haru)

Other Techiques: Pokemon Reward Chart, Stay in Bed, Thought Box,

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