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Sheena steals Alda's Vanellope plush

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Nicole: "Sheena Kane, one of Alda's classmates, have stolen something Alda brought in for show and tell."

Alda: "My fratello brought me this, she's pretty."

Mr. Appleton: "What a wonderful older brother you have."

Sheena steals it Edit

Nicole: "Sheena took the toy from Alda's bag and put in her bag."

Sheena: "This is for the price for being the most popular girl in the class!"

[Sheena puts the toy in her bag]

10 minutes later

[Alda looks in her bag]


Mr. Appleton: "It's okay, we'll find it."

Alda: "It was last seen in my bag,"

Time to go homeEdit

Alda: "But Mr. Appleton? what about my plush."

Mr. Appleton: "It's okay sweetie, we'll find it soon."

Alda's breakdownEdit

[Hans hears Alda bawling in her room]

Hans: "Alda!"

[Hans goes into Alda's room, to find her on the ground with her head tucked in knees]

Alda: "My Vanellope plush. I got her for Christmas..."

[Alda cries harder]

Hans: "Alda.."

[Alda goes up to Hans and hugs him]

Hans: "We'll find it, I'll get back."

[Alda stops crying]

Alda: "You sure fratello?"

Hans: "I'm sure."

Alda: "You're the best!"

Satoko and Ania call Mr. AppletonEdit

[Satoko and Ania get the phone]

Satoko: "Konnichiwia?"

Ania: "Hola?"

Mr. Appleton: "Hello, who's this?"

Ania: "It's Ania."

Satoko: "And Satoko."

Mr. Appleton: "What can I do for you?"

Ania: "It's about Alda's Vanellope plush, I want a list of names aside from hers, I'll find the culprit by tomorrow morning."

Ania and Satoko question Mr. Appleton's classEdit

Nicole: "Ania and Satoko questioned the class about it."

Ania: "Okay, Angelo, when did you see it?"

Angelo: "I didn't steal it, I'd never do that to her."

Satoko: "Okay, not Angelo Bari."

[Satoko crosses out his name]

Ania: "What about you, Sakura Shino?"

Sakura: "Absolutely not me!"

[Satoko crosses out her name]

3 minutes later

Satoko: "That's everyone execpt... Sheena Kane!"

[Alda goes to Sheena's bag]

Sheena: "Don't touch that---"

[Alda gets her Vanellope plush out]


[Alda hugs the doll]

Satoko and Ania: "We'll be going now."

[Satoko and Ania leave the room]

Mr Appleton gets tough with SheenaEdit

Mr Appleton: "SHEENA KANE! Come here right now!"

Sheena: "What?!"

Mr. Appleton: "Why did you take her Vanellope doll?"

Cut to:

[the principal's office]

Principal Swanson: "Sheena Kane, you know better not to steal property, you're suspended for a month! Get out!"

[Sheena's parents arrive]

Sheena: (screaming and crying at the top of her lungs more loudly) "IT WAS JUST A STUPID, UGLY DOLL! WHO CARES ABOUT A DUMB TOY ANYWAY?"


Nicole: "As a result, Sheena's parents made her apologize to Alda for what she did."

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