In this episode, Mari Fong and Tiana Barry help a struggling single mother from Richmond, VA. Since the death of her husband Jonanthan four years ago, Annika Sheckenhausen (37) has struggled to maintain order of her seven children, Logan (15), Nikki (14), Jamal (12), Chloe (10), Sydney (8), Jake (nicknamed Jakey and aged 7) and Haley (4). The kids have acted out since their father passed away. Will Mari and Tiana be able to help Annika?

Discipline TechniquesEdit

  • Calm Down Zone (for Logan, Nikki, Jamal and Chloe)
  • Lose What You Like Chart (for Logan, Nikki, Jamal, Chloe, Sydney and Jake)
  • Naughty Platform (for Sydney and Jake)
  • Naughty Stool (for Haley)
  • Toy Confiscation (for Haley)

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Family Time
  • Chore Buddy System
  • Stay in Bed (for Haley)
  • Thought Box
  • Homework Station
  • Friends Technique
  • White Sheets
  • Block Violence
  • Video Games Technique

Table of Bad BehaviorEdit