Nanny Jo Frost visits the Shafner Family in Houston, Texas. 35-year-old Russell, a construction worker and 34-year-old Jennifer have a 4-year-old daughter named Danydia, 5-year-old Kelsey, 3-year-old Aaliyah, 2-year-old Andrew, 5-month-old son Beech, 6-year-old Cloud, and 7-year-old Craven. Danydia has been expelled from preschool for her violent behavior and she throws tantrums, terrorizes baby Beech and little Andrew, hits, spits, kicks, shouts out profanity. Craven and Cloud constantly fight over the computer. What's even worse, Russell's terrible temper is out of control as he yells and cusses at his kids.
Jo introduces the Penalty Box, the Reward Voucher and the Role-Play technique for the first time.