Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Nick hits Freddie in the nose]

[Luke and Philip are playing at the pool]

Brittany (crying): "OW! THAT HURT!"

Announcer: "Jo meets the Sevick Family. The family run ragged by their son Adam who has ADHD."

[Adam tries to hit Kevin's head]

[Adam tries to hit a pool noodle at Greg]

Greg: "Stop it, Adam!"

Announcer: "The kids beat each other silly and act odd."

Mia: "I hate this meal!"

Oscar: "I don't want it!"

[Eugene kicks Asa]

[Asa tries to do the middle finger]

Announcer: "And do a risk of injury."

[Eugene is about to cut Oscar's hair with scissors]

[Hayleigh gets on the stairs the wrong way and hits Nick]

[Nick hits back]

[Lauren gets on the stairs the wrong way and hits Leah]

[David wrestles Greg]

David: "(Bleep) you!"

Announcer: "Mom and Dad are trying to keep the kids under control."

[Adam throws a skeleton mask at Russell]

Freddie: "(bleep) Nick!"

Sasha: "Listen up, ice cream pop!"

[Asa does a gesture to Mia and throws her Elmo plush]

[Mia cries]

[Luke is doing homework]

[Hayleigh is trying to kick Adam]

Adam: "MOMMY!"

Announcer: "Can Mom and Dad improve Adam's ADHD?"

[Adam screams]

[Eugene hits him]

Announcer: "But he is not the worst behaved, the non identical twins, an 11 year old boy, 1 set of triplets and a 5 year old are."

Eugene: "Oh girl! You're such a (bleep) talker!"

[David, Hayleigh, Lexi and Eugene play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4]


[Russell chases Freddie with a machete]

Kevin: "It's a nightmare!"

Announcer: "Will Jo make the parents shape up?"

Carmen: "I know Jo, but this is too hard to control them."

Jo: "But Adam has ADHD. I see he tries to copy everyone's behaviors."

Announcer: "Or will it be too late and will someone get hurt?"

[Eugene pulls Sasha's leg]

[The triplets push a cow at a local farm]

[Freddie cuts one part of his hair with scissors]

[Eugene throws a football at Asa's face]


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's see my last family with a 4-year-old who has ADHD before I retire."

???: "Hello. I am Carmen and this is Kevin. We are the Sevick family. We have Luke who is 17, Philip who is 16, Greg who is 15, Asa who is 14, Brittany who is 13, Leah who is 12, non-identical twins Hayleigh and Lauren who are 11 also, David who is 11, Oscar who is 10, Nick who is 9, fraternal triplets, Russell, Rachel and Lexi who are all 8, Freddie who is 7, Sasha who is 6, Eugene who is 5, Adam who is 4 and Mia who is 3."

Kevin: "The kids under 16 are hard for us to control with their bad behavior."

[Adam throws a firetruck toy right through Greg]

Greg: "Stop it, Adam!"

[Greg gets the firetruck toy and throws back]

[David wears a homemade alien costume outside and chases Rachel]

Rachel: "MOM! An alien's here to get me!"

[Nick wrestles Asa]

Carmen: "Philip and Luke are 100% well-behaved."

Nick: "GO BITE YOUR OWN (bleep)!"

[Asa records Oscar getting hurt on his skateboard]


Carmen: "Adam has ADHD and we tried over 60 medications to help him but it does not work out like always."

[Adam is eating a carrot]

Carmen: "The kids spit like camels."

[Hayleigh starts spitting on Mia]

[Mia spits back]

Kevin: "They draw bad stuff like David drew a naked men and women and cocaine in Luke's notebook."

[Oscar draws 10 gestures on David's notebook]


Carmen: "Just stop it!"

[Adam drives Kevin's car]

[Rachel tries to push Oscar to the stairs but misses and Oscar grabs the railing safely]

[Freddie shoplifts a Bakugan DVD and knocks over the toys in the shop]

Sasha: "I'm a pick the world up and I'm a drop it on your (bleep)ing head!"

[Oscar kicks Mia's Dora the Explorer plush]

Carmen: "They do act aggressive to us like a ninja and they rule the roost by peeing, defecating and breaking the furniture."

Oscar: "That toy is stupid!!!"

[Nick drives Carmen's car]

[Mia is dressed up as Krampus and starts chasing Eugene]

[Mia hits Eugene]

(Eugene hits back)

[David plays with a chainsaw]

Carmen: "David, put the chainsaw down!"

[Greg hacks Kevin's computer]

[Leah throws a dodgeball at Eugene]

[Eugene starts chasing Leah outside and goes on the street]

[The kids run around the China shop while the oldest kids knock over antiques and the younger ones knock the shelves with dangerous objects]

[David, the triplets, the non-identical twins, and Eugene work together pushing Luke off the hammock]

[Oscar jumps off the roof while wearing a Superman costume]

[The triplets throw water balloons at all of their siblings which cause the kids under 16 to get in the fight]

[Mia throws the TV remote and then throws Carmen's cosmetic kit out of the window]

[Freddie screams]

Carmen: "Supernanny, we need you now!"

Sevick Family HomeEdit

[Jo knocks at a door]

Jo: "Hi, nice to meet you."

Carmen: "Nice to meet you also, my name is Carmen."

Jo: "Where's your husband?"






Observation BeginsEdit

[Eugene moons the neighbors]

Carmen: "Eugene, stop mooning the neighbors."

[Hayleigh hits the neighbors in the head with a golf club]

[David and Lauren use a booby trap to catch one of the neighbors and high-five each other]

[The triplets work together pushing one of the neighbors to their backyard pool and dunk him hard underwater]

Observation ContinuesEdit

[Adam is crying, whilst the rest of the children are watching Rise of the Guardians]


Carmen: "Freddie, get out of the pool."

Freddie: "NO!"

[Carmen gets him out]

[Freddie pees on the pool deck and comes back into the pool]

[The triplets, the non-identical twins, David and Eugene make big cannonballs into the pool naked]

[The other kids except Freddie, the triplets, the non-identical twins, David, and Eugene go into the pool with their bathing suits on]

[Eugene gargles in the pool with poolwater in a glass cup]

[Lexi swims underwater and bites Nick's foot like a crocodile]


[Hayleigh hits Lauren in the head with a pool noodle, which leads the twins to fight each other with their respective pool noodles]

[Rachel gathers water in a bucket and soaks Adam with it]

[David splashes water at Asa]

[Asa splashes water back]

[Russell punches Brittany in the nose, making her cry]

[The non-identical twins, Eugene, the triplets, and David urinate and defecate in the pool]

Oscar: "That is just gross!"

Brittany: "Yuck!"

[The 7 amok runners laugh at what they did]

[Carmen steps in]

Carmen: (to the 7) "You 7, what you did was utterly disgusting and I don't appreciate it. It also isn't funny."


Jo: "Unfortunately, dinnertime was nothing but feeding time at the zoo."

Mia: "I hate this meal!"

Oscar: "I don't want it. It's gross!"

[Leah slurps her soup loudly and begins gargling with it]

[Eugene throws a couple of Green Giant green beans at Leah]

[Freddie throws a piece of chicken at Nick]

[Nick in return throws stuffing at Freddie's shirt]

[Sasha tosses some broccoli at Asa]

[Asa does a gesture and throws his fork at Greg and Greg throws a spoon at Asa's face]

[Adam is eating a carrot, but spits it back out]

Adam: "Ew! Carrots are yucky!"

[The situation segues into a food fight between the kids except Philip and Luke]

Luke: "Heavens to Betsy! What is happening?"

Introducing the Naughty TuffetEdit


Jo: "David, Nick, Asa and Adam started to kick off when David was playing Xbox."

[David plays Thrillville on Xbox]

Adam: "Shut up Xbox nerd!"

David: "Holy (bleep)!"

[Asa runs to David and does a gesture and David hits him]

[Nick hits Asa]

Carmen: "Nick, sit at the chair!"

[Nick sits at the chair]

[Nick hits Freddie]

Jo: "Nick, you don't hit your brother. That is not acceptable whatsoever."

Carmen: (to Freddie) "Freddie, are you alright?"

Introducing the Reflection RoomEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

Going to Burger KingEdit

Jo: "The family decided to go to Burger King, but Hayleigh threw a tantrum."

Carmen: "Kids!"

[The kids walk in]

Carmen: "Today, we are going to Burger King, be on your best behavior."


Carmen: "Don't worry, we'll order a veggie burger for you. Is that okay with you? It has no meat in it, love."

Hayleigh: "Okay then...."

Jo: "After that, she relaxed and settled down a little bit."

Introducing the Naughty PitEdit

Chore Buddy SystemEdit

Toy Confiscation Edit

Jo: "Today, I'm going to introduce the Toy Confiscation technique."

Introducing the Naughty SwivelEdit

Introducing the Naughty PlatformEdit

Meeting Macaulay CulkinEdit

Family TimeEdit

Discipline DivineEdit




[Adam beats Jo with his fist]




Russell, Rachel and LexiEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long until the triplets started taping Mia to the wall via duct tape."

[Russell tapes Mia's left arm to the wall]

[Rachel tapes Mia's right arm to the wall]

[Lexi tapes Mia's left leg to the wall]

[Russell tapes Mia's right leg to the wall]

[Lexi tapes Mia's belly to the wall]

[Rachel mutes Mia's mouth shut with duct tape]

Mia: "HMMPH! HMMPH HMMPH!" (Translates to: "MOMMY! PLEASE HELP!")

[Carmen runs to the room and carefully removes the duct tape from Mia's arms, legs, belly, and mouth]

Carmen: "Sweetie, what happened?"

Mia: (crying) "They taped me to the wall!"

Carmen: (to the triplets) "Guys, that was not nice at all. You must take 8 minutes for each of you in timeout."




Hayleigh, Lauren and DavidEdit

Jo: "Later on, when the kids played kickball, Adam took the ball because he has ADHD, David, Hayleigh and Lauren started to kick off."

[Adam runs off with the ball into the street]

David: "NO! ADAM!"

[Hayleigh, Lauren and David chase him]


Lauren: "(bleep)!"

[The kids start hitting Adam]

Adam: "MOMMY!"

Carmen: "Hayleigh Denise, Lauren Heather, and David Paul Sevick, go to your room!"

[Adam starts crying]

[David, Hayleigh and Lauren take off their clothes and shoes and go in the pool naked]

[Carmen goes in the pool and angrily chases after them]

[Hayleigh picks up a plastic glass and throws water at Carmen]

[David pees in the pool]


Jo: "It wasn't long until Leah beat up Adam while watching Yu-Gi-Oh on his DVD."




Supernanny TipEdit

Going to Burger King (2nd time)Edit

Hayleigh: "Burger King is a poultry and cow slaughterhouse! It harms these animals!"

Jo: "According to mom, Hayleigh is a almost member of PeTA Kids and refuses to eat meat."

Mommy and MeEdit

At the ZooEdit

Jo: "We went to the zoo to test how their kids behave in local areas."

Rachel: "Can we go on the carousel?"

[Eugene runs to the rhinoceros exhibit naked]

Kevin: "Eugene, where are you going and would you please put your clothes back on before people notice you?"

[David runs to the children's petting zoo and cuts off a portion of a sheep's fleece with scissors]

[Mia defecates on the path and tosses the fecal matter she defecated at an elephant in its exhibit, but misses]

Green SmoothieEdit

Good EaterEdit

The triplets, David, Eugene, and the non identical twins' Epic TantrumEdit

Jo: "That night, the family went to a sit-down Posh restaurant for dinner."

Russell: "I HATE PORK!"

Carmen: "Russell, eat your food."

Lauren: "I am not going to eat my (bleep)ing vegetable curry!"

Kevin: "Eat it, Lauren."


[Eugene slams his plate to the floor, shattering it]

[The non-identical twins stab their respective forks in Adam's chest]

Adam: "MOMMY!"

Carmen: "Adam, sweetie. Are you OK, young man?"

[David hurls his plate like a frisbee and it hits a waiter in the hip, causing him to fall over]

Waiter: "That hurt!"

[The triplets work together pulling down the tablecloth on the table, causing all of the contents on it to fall over]

Carmen and Kevin: "Right! We are leaving right now, children!"

Leah: "Already?! But we didn't finish eating yet!"

Kevin: "Sweetheart, I am sorry to say this, but your horrid sisters and brothers ruined it."

[Cut to: the family gets in their van]

Carmen: "David, Eugene, Lauren, Hayleigh, Russell, Rachel, and Lexi, you do not mistreat people in public. It is considered rude and disrespectful. As punishment, you will not play video games for 3 days. You are banned from watching TV for a week, and you lost your computer privileges for 1 week as well."

Jo: "When they returned home, the twins, the triplets, David and Eugene were disciplined."

Dealing with ADHDEdit

Jo: "Today was a rough start for Adam because he was distracted by something and couldn't do something on a activity."

Adam: "I can't spell ball. It's too hard..."

Carmen: "Yes you can. It's easy."

Adam: "No!"

Carmen: "Yes you can!"

Adam: "No, I'm going outside!"

Jo: "Adam started to kick off and got out of the chair."

[Adam throws a huge tantrum and gets out of the chair]

Jo: "And went on a playground."

[Adam runs outside and gets on a slide]

Carmen: "Say goodbye to every single Toy Story figure you have for a month, I will tell Dad that you were being bad."

Adam: "No!"

[Adam punches Carmen]

Jo: "I calmed her down and told her about Adam's condition."

Jo: "Don't do that punishment because he has ADHD and he could be distracted by something."

Carmen: "Oh I forgot to mention he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 3."

[Back at home, Adam wrestles his mom]

Adam: "I'm gonna kill you!"

Carmen: "Don't you dare!"

Adam: "Shut up!"

[Carmen puts Adam in the Naughty Platform]

Carmen: "Stay here for 4 minutes, young man."

Adam: "(bleep) YOU!"

[Adam gets out of the Naughty Platform and pees on the slide]

[Carmen walks outside and examines the pee on the slide]

Carmen: "Eww...That was disgusting!"

4 minutes later

Adam: "I ain't apologizing!"

Carmen: "Then your timeout starts over."


DVD MeetingEdit


Everyone forfeitsEdit

Roaming TechniqueEdit

Jo: "I want to show the family on how to use the Roaming Technique and we did so at a local farm."

[The non-identical twins, the triplets, Eugene, and David all run off into a field]

Carmen: "Wait! Stop! We are supposed to stick together, remember?"

[The triplets tip over a cow together]

[David takes a joyride on a horse]

David: "YEE-HAW, MOTHER(bleep)ER!"

[Eugene kicks a goat in the back and pulls its tail]

[The non-identical twins launch hen eggs from the chicken coop with a slingshot at a cow that was tipped over by the triplets]

[The rest of the family and Jo chase after them]

[The 7 kids flee by taking a joyride on an unattended tractor]

Kevin: "Kids, get off the tractor."


Carmen: "Kids, you will not continue with this behavior. Do you understand?"

[Kevin turns off the tractor]

[The parents take the 7 off the tractor carefully]

The bad kids turn over new leaves except for the triplets, the non-identical twins, Eugene and DavidEdit

Bye Bye Jo Jo and Jo gives up on the triplets, the non-identical twins, Eugene and DavidEdit

[The family returns home with sad faces except the triplets, the non-identical twins, David and Eugene]

Jo: "No offense, but I give up...."

Asa: "Jo, wait. Why did you have to give up? You should've helped us more."

Jo: "The triplets, the twins, David and Eugene were all far too difficult for me to control."

Carmen: "I get the point, Jo."

Adam: "Awww, I feel bad about you."

[Leah sobs]

David: "GOODBYE (bleep)ER!"

Jo: "If I cannot help this family, and if I cannot try to come back for another chance, then I don't know who will help this family..."

Message from Jo and Retirement Speech and Family UpdateEdit

Family UpdateEdit

Carmen: "Don't worry Jo, I sent those 7 to a Military School in London."

Jo's MessageEdit

Jo: "Good. They need it."

Retirement SpeechEdit

Jo: "I've been working as a nanny for over 45 years, but now it is time for me to retire. I would like to thank all of the people that have supported me all over the years and to the wonderful families I've successfully brought together again. I will be travelling around the world and catching up with old friends. I'm going to miss this job so much."

(Jo chokes back tears)

Here's Gloria...Edit

Gloria: "Hi, I'm Gloria! I'm a child care worker."

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