The Iconic-Todaro Family Revisited Again is a fanon season 28 episode of Supernanny. Webeewize returns, but does not (bleep) Paula's family. Webeewize turns Giuseppe's family to a family bliss. The family does not live in Italy or Montana, but Gadadhara Bobbalu's hotel. It has been three years since Giuseppe came Giuseppe (45) has married Venere Todaro (30), also from Italy. The couple has two biological children, and vigintuplets from Italy, and vigintuplets from Japan. The Japanese could only speak Japanese at 3, but Venere taught them English at 4, and Italian at 5, and all of them are 6. The Italians could only speak Italian at 5, but Venere taught them English at 6, and they are 7. Giuseppe and Venere are 4 years married. Venere could not speak English either, at 26, but was taught by Giuseppe at 27. The biological children fight, swear, and act odd to push Giuseppe and Venere to the test.

The techniques used in this episode are Creepy Zoo,Spankings,Tabasco sauce,Cold shower,VERY naughty couch,and Attic.

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