The Icon Family is an episode of Season 27 Webeewize travels to Denver, Colorado to help Aggie, age 45 who is well-mannered and concerned, and Carlos, age 46 who is stubborn, his adopted twins siblings Yoshi and Satoko Kota, age 30 (From Japan) who are concerned, they have 5 children, one is Satoko's child, Brooke, age 12, Tanya, age 11 (From Russia), nephew Toshio Kota, age 8 (From Japan) and is Satoko's son, Baozhai, age 6 (From China), Meg, age 3, and Agatha, age 18 months, Agatha, Toshio and the adopted children are 100% well-behaved, Brooke swears, fights, and got kicked out of all schools in Colorado, Meg refuses to give up her pacifier, bottle and diapers and throws tantrums, Carlos is the first selfish person that Webeewize had ever encountered and it is shocking and is more cruel and she is, Agatha's twin sister Sheila, died of SBS because of him when he was watching Ted, and violently shook her, and Satoko and Aggie are calling for help, Carlos thinks toys, books, TV, and games are for 13 and up and can Weebeewize help?

Disipline Techniques: VERY Naughty Swivel (For Brooke), VERY Naughty Pit (For Meg), Spankings, Hot Sauce, Creepy Zoo, and Ferocious The Fox

Other Techniques: Selfish TameThought Box