In this fanon season 27 episode, Webeewize visits Orlando, Florida to meet the Dickens Family. Shelby, age 50, has 5 children and one grandchild: Maddy, age 20, Ava, age 10, DJ (Duncan Jordan), age 6, Gerald, age 4, and Justin, age 20 months. Maddy has a 2-year-old daughter named Jill. Maddy, Ava, and Jill are all well-behaved. DJ likes to pull pranks, takes dares, uses bad words, kicks his siblings, and is disrespectful. Gerald pees on furniture, throws tantrums, cries for attention, and does all other stuff. Gerald also has been expelled from St. Mary's Preschool for his bad behavior. Justin mimics violent acts on cartoons. Abusive Techniques: VERY Naughty Room (for DJ), VERY Naughty Platform (for Gerald), VERY Naughty Pit (for Justin), Spankings, Tabasco Sauce, Attic, Cold Showers,Tape to wall,Scary the Big Bad Dog, and Soap in Mouth when swearing and Scary Jr. the Big Bad Cat (for Gerald).