In this episode, wait... the nanny is GIUSEPPE TODARO?!?! He is going to Maine to help a British-American family based on a lesbian couple. Wait... try to help a family in his opinion. Joanna (39) and Adele (39) have four children. Shawna (19) is well-behaved, lives in Florida, and is planning on going to a vacation to Hollywood. Abele (11, from Italy) plans every second for everybody. Erin (6) spits at somebody every time constantly when things do not go her way. And lastly, Monica (5) is well-behaved. Shawna also has a daughter named Leslie Buckley-Cvitcovic (10). She is one of the youngest birth mothers. Her husband is named Piotr Cvitcovic (26), born and raised in Croatia, also a half-Polish. Leslie has four quarter nationalities (British, American, Polish, Croatian).

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