The Seinfeld Family is a Fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Ruth Higgins travels to Toronto, Canada to visit the Seinfeld Family who is in desperate need of help. Calvin-Chris age 33 (a district attorney), and Tasha, age 25 (a stay-at-home mom) have 6 children who are 5 and under: Jacob, age 5, Sheila, age 4, Janice, age 3, Max, age 2, Rio, age 1, and Cliff, age 3 months. Rio and Cliff are well-behaved, but their older siblings are nothing but trouble. Jacob whines when things do not go his way and often runs amok half-naked. Sheila slams doors, yells, hits, bites, kicks, swears, pinches, spits, and destroys her mother's makeup. Janice refuses to give up her bottle and throws constant tantrums. Max is very clingy and always screams to get his parents' attention 24/7. What's even worse is that the amok runners have very poor table manners and constantly act up in public. They even torture the family's pet African Grey Parrot named Chatterbox. Can Ruth try to keep the Seinfeld Family in control before it's too late? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Bed, Roaming Technique, Dining Out Technique, Car Drill Technique, Baby Log, Bye Bye Bottle, Off the Hip technique, and Magic Play Technique.

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