Sean Carson (born July 27, 2001) is the eldest child of Daryl and the late Doris Carson and brother of Michael, Carly, Paige, Nick, Jacqueline, Blake, John, Denise, Aaron, Derek, Bobby, Jack, Stu, Billy, Quinn, Danny, Rachel, Nathan, Destiny, Andrew, Erin, Angel and Claire. He is a husband of Marie and a father of their daughter, Gabriella.


Sean has a dragon tattoo on his arm, wears blue jeans, a dark blue T-shirt and Nike shoes with red stripes. He also has straight short brown hair.


Family TreeEdit


  • His full name is Sean Timothy Carson
  • His favorite foods are trout and tomato soup
  • He enjoys driving, hunting and bowling
  • His favorite TV show is South Park
  • His favorite book is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • He dislikes corn and mean, uptight people
  • His favorite movie is Father of the Bride
  • His favorite ice cream is chocolate ice cream
  • He is made fun by Claire for having a tattoo of a dragon on his arm, but he ignores it

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