This transcript will be in Supernanny: The Theory International, The Theory 4, and The Theory of Time. There's also an application where you can watch all videos focusing on recorded families on Supernanny.

It was recorded on YouTube on July 8, 2013.


Scary DesignEdit

[Оксана Великажінка records a really creepy noise that lasts for 8 seconds, even creepier than Regan MacNeil]

[Оксана Великажінка creates a really creepy photo, far creepy than Regan MacNeil]

Basket DesignEdit

[Ayarko records a basket]

[10 seconds later, Ayarko pauses recording, making it a montage]

[Kaamil spins the basket]

[Kaamil leaves]

[Ayarko continues recording]

[3 seconds later, Ayarko stops recording and saves the basket video]


Gadadhara: "Once we try out the Scary Basket Video, and if it's awesome, we will upload it on YouTube using the IndianTeamGiveVideosToFreaks."

[Ayarko plays the video]

[We see a basket and a ground covered with eyeballs]

Gadadhara: "Umm... sounds interesting..."

Ayarko: "Let's screw Supernanny: The Theory..."

[10 seconds later, the basket spins]

[3 seconds later, the voice and sound by Оксана Великажінка appears]

Sarojini: "OMG! That'll do it!"

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