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Satoshi Okina's death and Tokiko Okina's 4th Birthday

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Before DeathEdit

Nicole: "Before Satoshi died, we went downstairs with the Meowstic plush doll he got for his 12th birthday, and gave it to Tokiko."

[Satoshi picks up his Meowstic plush]

Satoshi: "Rukoshi, you've been with me for about 1 year, Goodbye."

[Satoshi comes downstairs and nudges Tokiko, who is watching Toy Story 2 in Japanese]

Tokiko: "Onii-chan? what is it?"

[Satoshi holds Tokiko's hands and places his Meowstic plush in her arms]

Satoshi: "Goodbye, Tokiko, take good care of Rukoshi, goodbye, To-chan."

Ryu: "That was very nice of you."

Satoshi: "What are you going to do about the bullies?"

Ryu: "We will get your principal to expell them."

Satoshi: "Arigatou, sayonara, okasan, otosan."

[Satoshi goes upstairs]

[Tokiko follows him]


[Tokiko finds her brother's suicide note]

Tokiko: "Oni-chan?"

[Tokiko reads the suicide note: Sayonara, To-chan. See you on the other side."

[Tokiko rushes upstairs to Satoshi's room in time to see him commit seppuku]

Tokiko's BirthdayEdit

Nicole: "Instead of Tokiko coming outside, she sat inside, she hosted a Hello Kitty-themed birthday with her friends from school and play group."

Guest: "What's wrong with Tokiko? She is usually happy about birthdays."

Mika: "Satoshi died a week ago, he committed seppuku."

[Tokiko's cousins arrive with Aunty Akio and Uncle Yakumo, Aunty Chika and Uncle Narahito, Aunty Yuriko and Uncle and Aunty Mayo and Uncle Yamaguchi]

[Tokiko hides behind Mika]

Mika: (to Tokiko's relatives) "My daughter is shy. So please be aware of that."

[Mika comes inside]

Tokiko: "Mommy?"

Mika: "I got a suprise for you, It was from your brother before he died."

[Mika gets out a Female Meowstic plush doll]

Mika: "You loved this Pokemon, remember?"

Tokiko: "Yes, I loved this Pokemon."

Mika: "So your brother got you a Female Meowstic, now it can go with your Male Meowstic."

Tokiko: "Thanks mommy."

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