Nicole: "Satoko was trolled by a Taliban TF2 user with an overly high sexism problem on TF2, Satoko used the Sniper, Kenji used the Scout, Akira used the Soldier, Josef used the Medic, Angela used the Spy, and the troll user used Heavy."

[Satoko is on her computer while Toshio and Reiko are watching]

???: (through the headset) "Get off TF2! Men only!"

Satoko: "" (Translation: Why do you have to be an a**hole?!)

Toshio: "" (Translation: I didn't do anything)

Satoko: "" (Translation: Not you, this Pakistani user I'm playing a game with, he's being a troll and a p****)

Pakistani user: (through the headset) "A p****?"

Satoko: (through the headset) "" (Translation: Yes, I said that you're being a p****)

Pakistani user: (through the headset) "Why?"

Satoko: (through the headset) "" (Translation: Ever since me and my friends started this match, All you've been doing is telling female TF2 players to get off and harrasing them, play the game and shut the f*** up!)

Angela: (through the headset) "" (Translation: Women can play this game too, shut your f***ing trap and play it!)

Josef: (through the headset)"" (Translation: Yeah, f*** off!)

Pakistani user: (through the headset) "Shut up Facist and Nazi!"

Angela: (through the headset) "" (Translation: Backstab!)

[In the game the Spy (Angela) backstabs the Heavy (Pakistani user)

Josef: "" (Translation: Call me a Nazi again and I am going to f***ing murder you when I find you!)

10 minutes laterEdit

20 minutes laterEdit

30 minutes laterEdit

Troll is banned Edit

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