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Nicole: "As an End of Year trip, Satoko and her classmates went to see The Avengers movie, her mom chaperoned so she could see it too."

Ms. Saki: "Okay class, we are going to see a movie, go into groups of three, As Satoko decided, but won't tell."

Jonina: "You better choose a Barbie film."

Josef: "" (Translation: Leave her alone)

[Satoko is holding her Japan plush and Captain America shield toy] and some comic books and manga]

Alessa: "" (Translation: What is the funniest Marvel fact Satoko?)

Satoko: "" (Translation: Loki, Instead of getting uglier as years go on, he gets prettier as it goes on, especially in Disk Wars and the films, when we sleep over, we can watch it the episodes as of now)

Josef: "" (Translation: Yeah!)

[Ai is seen reading a book]

The Movie is revealedEdit

Satoko: "" (Translation: Okay, the film, is the Avengers!)

[The class except Jonina cheers]

Jonina: "But, I wanted to see a Disney film!"

Jonina's friend: "Okay, we can see the Avengers, I never watched it before."

Satoko: "" (Translation: You'll love it!)

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