Nicole: "On June 2nd 2010, a pair of brothers disappeared from a convention in Japan, after two days brought horrible news."

Satoko: "" (Translation: Mom! Dad! Satoshi and Ryo haven't come back yet! It's been at least 48 hours)

Reiko: "" (Translation: Huh? They should be back by now, where are they?)

Satoshi Sr.: "" (Translation: Don't worry, they will be back)

[Authories come in]

Policeman: "" (Translation: I have some very horrible news to tell, can I talk with Satoko privately?)

[The Policeman takes Satoko to her room]

Policeman: "" (Translation: I found three bodies, two young boys and a young adult, two of them have been identified, and I think they might be Ryo and Satoshi)

Satoko: "" (Translation: No!)

Policeman: "" (Translation: I'm sorry)

[Satoko cries]

Nicole: "Satoshi and Ryo's bodies were found in a basement with another young boy 2 days after."

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