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Takumi gets a reality checkEdit

[Gloria takes Takumi to a homeless shelter]

Takumi: "(bleep)口、やつを閉じて!" (Close your ****ing mouth, bozo!)

Gloria: "停止し、私に耳を傾ける。" (Stop and listen to me.)

Takumi: "あなたがより良い一樹佐藤をすべて表示する上にある考えると、(bleep)を兼!" (You better consider the Kazuki Sato Show is all over, you *******!)

Gloria: "あなたは、人々を助けるために必要。" (You need to help people.)

Takumi: "私はそれに反対し、拒否する!" (I disagree and reject that!)

Gloria: "あなたが仕事、家庭、また--" (You work, also home, (Meant to say: What would you do if you lost a job, a home, or a family?))

Takumi: "誰もがあなたが(bleep)である知っている!" (Everybody knows you are a (bleep)!)

At the homeless shelterEdit

Takumi: "私の(long bleep)を飲み込む!" (Swallow my mother****ing ****!)

[We see Kazuki kindly talking to a family]

Takumi: " " (Kazuki, what are you doing out of the house?)

Kazuki: " " (I was talking to the family who lost their home due to a tsunami, father. I thought that I-."

Takumi: " " (You dare dishonor me?!)

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