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Santic House IssuesEdit


Neil: "Trevor, I want you to eat your broccoli and your carrots, and then you can go outside and play, okay?"

Trevor: "No, I don't wanna! I hate vegetables!"

Neil: "Come on. They're good for you."

[Trevor leaves the table and begins watching Arthur videos on TV]

[Neil comes to Trevor]

Neil: "Turn off Arthur now. You still have to eat lunch!"

[Neil takes Trevor back to the table]

Playing in the Backyard PoolEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty PillowEdit

[Neil places Trevor on the Naughty Pillow]

Kate's Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was Kate's birthday party. Kate was having a Monster High-themed party. Kate invited her 8 friends to the party, and they had a great time. Mom took the whole day off from catering to celebrate Kate's special day."

[Kate is dressed up as Frankie Stein]

Deena: "I ordered the Monster High birthday cake and I booked the ponies and the face painting and they should be here very soon."

Jo: "Kate's best friend, Serenity from school showed up dressed up as Cleo de Nile, Ashley from softball came dressed up as Abbey Bominable, Jodie from next door arrived dressed up as Ghoulia Yelps, Linda, also from school arrived dressed up as Spectra Vondergeist, Sienna also from Softball, arrived as Opretta, Sabrina from ballet class showed up dressed up as Draculaura, Emily from summer camp showed up dressed up as Lagoona Blue, and Jessica from a church youth group arrived dressed up as Clawdeen Wolf."

Kate: "Hi, guys!"

Emily, Jodie, Linda, Ashley, Sienna, Jessica, Sabrina, and Serenity: "Happy Birthday, Kate!"

[There is a present table and a buffet table next to it]

Kate: "We had Petrifying purple punch, Monster High cupcakes, Mummy Nori Sandwiches with grape eyeballs, apple fangs, bat's brew, Zombie tonic, Spider cider, and graveyard chocolate pudding. There was a photo shoot and a beauty station and even face painting and ponies."

Jo: "Everything went well until Trevor spoiled things by turning on the hose."

Deena: "I even arranged a limo ride to take you all to the spa for the day, would you like that?"

Girls: "Yeah!"

[Trevor sprays the hose all over Kate's favorite new Frankie Stein costume wig]

Kate: "Ack! My Frankie Stein costume wig! Trevor, what are you doing here? Why are you ruining my party?"

Trevor: "Ha-ha! That's because Monster High is too girly!"

Jo: (to Deena) "I would like you to go over to Trevor and give him a warning for that behavior."

Deena: "Trevor, this is you warning, I need you to stop that behavior, otherwise I will put you in timeout."

[Trevor hits Deena]

Jo: "Trevor hit Deena's arm, so she put him straight onto the Naughty Pillow."

Deena: "You are sitting on this Naughty Pillow because you hit mommy and you ruined your sister's party by turning the hose on her and her friends. Stay right there until I say that it's okay to get up."

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