6 years Ago...Edit

[Tony shoplifts a bar of candy]

Present DayEdit

Long Time, No SeeEdit

Jo: "Emma, how are you doing?"

Emma: "I'm doing fine, thank you."

Jo: "Joey, how's life going for you?"

Joey: "Life is fine, except for one big problem."

Jo: "What is it?"

Joey: "Our set of quadruplets!"

[Screaming is heard in the background]

Reggie: "I hate you, you stupid (bleep)!"

Meet the QuadrupletsEdit

Emma: "Delia, Sienna, Reggie, Carrie. Time to wake up, get dressed and get ready for school, darlings!"

Mimicing ActsEdit

Tom and JerryEdit

[The children are watching Tom and Jerry on TV]

[Delia mimics one of the acts where Tom is trying to whack Jerry with a hammer]

[The children watches a scene where Tuffy cuts off Tom's tail]

[They also watch a scene where Jeannie the babysitter hits Tom with a broom]

[They also watch a scene where Tom slams a trash can lid into a black alley cat's face]


[As the kids watch the Transformers movie, they see dogs peeing on robots and robots peeing on humans, a girl wearing short shorts and a low cut shirt and other skimpy clothes and decepticons tossing humans around like rag dolls]

Reggie: "Ummm, Mommy, what is masturbating?"

Delia: "Poop."

Other quadruplets: "Oh, my god! Oh, (bleep)!"

[Sienna sees a dog pee on a robot]

The SimpsonsEdit

[One of the children sees Homer Simpson choking his son, Bart on TV]

[Delia copies that act by choking Roberta]

Roberta: "Delia, stop! What are you doing?!"

Delia: "I'm choking you to death!"

[Emma pulls Delia away from Roberta]

Delia: "NO, MOMMY! LET GO!"

[Reggie watches a scene where the villain, Sideshow Bob, tries to kill Bart Simpson with a large machete]

[Reggie mimics that act by using a knife and chasing Tony around the kitchen]

Tony: "Mom! Help!"

Reggie: "Well Tony, any last requests?"


[the quadruplets watch the cloned Pokémon and original Pokémon, as well as Mew and Mewtwo, battle each other, and continue fighting until they appear exhausted and hurt]

[Carrie watches a scene where Misty clobbers Ash for insulting her]

[Delia watches a scene where Jessie repeatedly slaps James silly]

Pinky and the BrainEdit

[Carrie watches some scenes where a white short, big-headed lab mouse known as The Brain, violently hits another mouse (who is tall and skinny) named Pinky, on the head with a pencil.]

[Carrie mimics that act by hitting Reggie on the head with a broom]

Naughty PitsEdit

[Carrie, Reggie, Sienna, and Delia work together scribbling a picture of Jason, Roberta, Tony, Joey, Emma, and Jo being crushed by a steamroller, lightning, cars, and Godzilla with their Crayola crayons on the walls]

[Emma walks in to notice that the quadruplets scribbled a picture of her and the 5 others being hit by a steamroller, lightning, cars, and Godzilla with crayons on the walls]

Emma: "Oh, my god! You girls do not draw on the wall. The picture is also not nice and hurtful. You will be going to your own Naughty Pit."

[Emma deposits the quadruplets into their respective Naughty Pit]

Emma: "You were all in your own Naughty Pit because you made a picture that is very hurtful towards the rest of your family, Jo-Jo, and me. I will also take your crayons away for tonight."

Delia: (screaming at the top of her lungs) "I WANT MY CRAYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Emma confiscates the quadruplets' Crayola crayons]

3 minutes later...

[Emma returns to the Naughty Pits]

Emma: "Girls, look at mommy, you were in timeout for drawing a very hurtful picture of Mommy, Jo-Jo, and the rest of the family being killed by a few things. I would like an apology."

Carrie, Reggie, and Sienna: "Sorry."

Delia: "NO!"

Emma: "OK, so Delia, you will be staying here for another 3 minutes. As for the rest of you, you can give me a hug."

Delia: "DIE, MOMMY!"

[Delia leaves the Naughty Pit and pees in it and a very long path on the floor]

Delia: "Make me!"

The quadruplets vs. their babysitterEdit

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