Before the Revolving Line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Last week, the Birou Family was encountered..."

Orla: "I....HATE....CARROTS!"

Announcer: "With the most challenging behavior she'd ever come across."

Orla: "Don't care! It was probably that green smoothie rubbish!"

Announcer: "Now, Jo visits Los Angeles, California,"

Emma: "Tony, you put that back,"

Announcer: "And hell breaks loose in the Sanderman family."

Emma: "Tony, what have you got in your pocket?"

Announcer: "Where we meet a tyke who has a bad case of sticky fingers,"

Emma: "Where did you get that sheet of stickers?"

Tony: "I don't know,"

Announcer: "And hits his older sister,"

[Tony hitting Roberta]

Roberta: "Ow!"

Announcer: "Leaving mom carrying Tony..."

[Emmy carrying Tony to time out]

Announcer: " time out in the Naughty Pit."

Emma: "You stay right there mister!"

[Tony walks out of a store with a stolen monkey keychain]

Emma: "Tony...let me see what you have there...( gasps to see that he stole a monkey chain from the toy store) Oh, no. You have got to be kidding me..."

Announcer: "And if that's not bad enough, Jason leads his siblings like a pack of wolves into mayhem."

[Jason runs around the China Shop, knocking over priceless antiques whilst Roberta and Tony push the furniture over]

Announcer: "As three bulls in the China Shop fall to pieces..."

Jason: "Go to (beep) you stupid (beep)!"

Roberta: "Shut up!"

[Tony screams at the top of his lungs]

Announcer: " does the family as Tony's behavior gets out of hand, things get a turn for the worse, and to make matters worse, Mom has just been canned from her job after her little boy Tony stole from the store she previously worked at,"

Emma: "When my boss found out that it was my child stealing Cognac from the store, he said to me, 'Emma, I'm sorry to say this, but you 're fired,'"

Announcer: "Can Jo put an end to Tony's bad case of sticky fingers for good?"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's have a look at what family we've got, shall we? In Los Angeles, California, where we will help a family who has three crazy children. I repeat, let's take a look."

Emma: "Hi, we're the Sanderman Family."

Joey: "I'm Joey, and this is my wife, Emma. We have three kids: Jason is 8, Roberta is 5, and Tony is 2 1/2. Our kids are acting like maniacs,"

[Jason screams]

[Roberta hits Emma and runs around the house]

[Tony screams]

Roberta: "Shut up, YOU STUPID MORON!"

[Jason, Tony, and Roberta are playing with the Carpet Cleaner on display in the store, making a huge mess]

[Jason is driving his dad's car]

[Roberta is taking a joyride on a steamroller]

[Tony throws food on the floor]

Joey: "But our biggest problem is our youngest child, Tony, because whenever we are out in public places, he wanders off and steals various things."

[Tony sneaks a box of crayons into his pocket, and he walks out the door of the store with the stolen crayons]

Emma: "Tony, stop."

Joey: "Tony stole various things from different stores, like bars of candy, sticker sheets, boxes of crayons, packs of gum, ray-bans, movie DVD's, and toys. You name it, he steals it. I fear that one day in ten years time, he is going to land himself in a Juvenile Detention Center,"

Emma: "Because of his sticky fingers, I even got fired from my job at the store where he stole a $150 bottle of Cognac."

Joey: "Not only does he steal from the stores, but he also hits his sister, Roberta."

[Tony hits Roberta]

Roberta: "Ow!"

Emma: "And then she hits him back,"

[Roberta hits Tony back]

[Tony and Roberta start screaming and hitting each other]

Joey: "Which adds fuel to the fire,"

Joey and Emma: "Supernanny, if you can..."

Emma: "Please, please help us."

Jo: "Joey and Emma, hang in there. I am on my way,"

Observation beginsEdit

[Tony stuffs a sheet of stickers into his shirt]

Emma: "Tony, what do you have under that shirt? Show me."

Tony: "Nothing!"

Emma: "Are you lying to me?"

Tony: "No!"

Emma: "You promise?"

Tony: "Ya."

[Roberta walks up and pulls the sheet out from under Tony's shirt]

Roberta: "He's lying."

[Tony jumps onto his sister. The kids roll around on the floor, fighting]

Emma: "Tony, Roberta. STOP IT!"

Jason: [laughs] "This is funny!"

Jo: "Funny? Now I don't think so, Jason."

Jason: "That's cause you're (beep)"

[Jo looks shocked]

Jo: "Oh my word!"

Jason: "I don't like Nanny Jo. She seems like a real killjoy to me."

[Roberta giggles]

Jason: "Make sure the nanny hears that"

Sanderman Family IssuesEdit

Jo: "Next, Emma had to go to the mall to do some shopping. So I could see firsthand how Tony behaves out in public."

[Tony runs away from Emma]

Emma: "Tony, come back here."

[Tony stuffs his shirt with a sheet of stickers]

[Tony stuffs his pocket with a monkey keychain]

[Tony walks out of the store with a stolen monkey keychain]

Emma: "Tony, did you take anything that we did not pay for?"

[Tony shakes his head 'no']

Emma: "You promise?"

[Emma checks Tony's pockets and shirt]

Emma: "Tony...let me see what you have there...( gasps to see that he stole a monkey chain from the toy store) Oh, no. You have got to be kidding me..."

[Tony just grins]

Roberta: "He stole that."

Tony: "Shut up, you idiot."

Emma: "ANTHONY!"

Tony: "Roberta told on me."

Emma: "And you STOLE! That is not okay!"

[Tony ignores Emma and attacks Roberta]

Emma: "Not again."

Jo: " Her children are beating up one another and all Emma does is say not again?"

[Tony stops beating up Roberta as she begins to cry]

Tony: "Ha ha!"

Emma: "Tony, that was not nice."

Tony: "You are not nice."

Jo: "I couldn't believe it. He is two years old!"

Parent MeetingEdit

[Jo, Joey and Emma are at the kitchen]

Jo: "Let's talk about Tony"

Jo: "Tony shoplifts everything from the store and he could go to jail."

Naughty Pit TechniqueEdit

Jo: "I am now going to introduce..."

[Jo brings out a colorful clean trash-can sized piece of furniture]

Jo: "...the Naughty Pit. This is where Tony will be placed if he behaves unacceptably. First, you give your son a warning to stop the behavior with an authoritave voice. If he carries on, Emma, I want you to take him straight over to the Naughty Pit, and he will stay there one minute per year of his age. Then you, literally, come down to his level, make eye contact with him, and explain to him why he was put into the Naughty Pit. The first time you place the child into the Naughty Pit, place..."

[Jo brings out 10 red bean bags]

Jo: "...10 beanbags into the Naughty Pit as well and then walk away. Everytime Tony leaves the Naughty Pit before his time is up..."

[Jo brings out two more red beanbags]

" will throw in two additional beanbags into the pit."

Emma: "What's the point of these beanbags?"

[Emma places 10 beanbags into the Naughty Pit]

Emma: "Tony, you do not hit your sister like that because that behavior is unacceptable, do you understand?"

[Emma confiscates Tony's orange duck plush and puts it in the time-out box]

Jo: "No. Tony goes in the Naughty Pit. Not his toy."

[Jo bends down to Tony's level.]

Jo: "Tony, this behavior is unaccepable. You do not hit Roberta. You will now sit in the Naughty Pit for two minutes."

Tony: "No way."

Jo: "Yes."

[Jo places Tony in the Naughty Pit. Tony tips over the Naughty Pit and crawls out.]

Tony: "Haha!"

Jo: "Emma, add two more beanbags and place him back in the Naughty Pit."

[Emma chases down Tony and puts him back in the pit]

Caught Red-HandedEdit

Security Guard: "Excuse me, son. I'd like to have a look inside your jacket,"

Jo: "Sure enough, Tony had been caught stealing a pack of gum."

Emma: "Not again."

Tony: "Mommy stole it."

Security Guard: "Your mother stole this?"

Tony: "Ya!"

Emma: "I did not."

Tony: "Yes. Mama stole it and gived it to me."

Kids Gone WildEdit

Tony: "Roberta! Stop bothering me!"

Tony: "Jo-Jo!"

Jo: "Yes, Tony?"

Tony: "Roberta is bothering me!"

Jo: "Roberta, stop with that behavior right now! If you carry on I will place you in timeout in the Naughty Corner! Do you understand!"

Roberta: "Shut the f*** up!"

Jo: "That's It! Go to the Naughty Corner right now!"

Family Test RunEdit

DVD MeetingEdit

[Footage of Tony chasing Roberta with a spoon of peanut butter]

Emma: "Tony, STOP!"

Jo: "Emma, why didn't you put him in the Naughty Pit?"

Emma: "I don't really know. I should have."

Jo: " You most definitely should have."

Tony vs the BabysitterEdit

Jo: "When Mom and Dad are going out for dinner, they hire a babysitter named Serena."

Serena: "Hi, I'm Serena. I'm certified in First-Aid and CPR, and I'm a junior in high school."

Emma: "That's great. The emergency numbers and contacts are right on the refrigerator, Tony's naptime is at 2:30pm, Jason is allergic to milk, and Roberta has peanut allergies."

Serena: "Okay, great. I'll keep that in mind."

[Emma hands Serena some list of instructions]

Serena: "Thanks. You guys have a great time."


Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit