The Sand Family is an episode of Fanon Season 26, Gloria travels to Boulder, Colorado to meet Joseph, age 43, and Stacie, age 39, they have 7 children, 5 are from Japan with 1 grandchild, Sachiko, age 18, Akio, age 17, Jamie, age 12, Satoshi, age 9, Toshio, age 6, Josephine, age 4, Satoko, age 2, and Yoshi, age 22 months and is Sachiko's son, the adopted children are a million percent well-behaved and Akio has an upcoming birthday, but the biological children are far from it. Jamie swears, backtalks, and always eats a sugar packed diet. The adopted children do not speak English but they can understand it. Josephine menaces Yoshi, screams, tells her siblings to SPEAK ENGLISH! (her words! not mine!), tortures the pet cat Samantha, is violent to animals and she thinks she is PLAYING WITH THEM (her words! not mine!), and rules the roost by throwing fits. Stacie is a stay-at-home mom while Joseph works at a dentist. Jamie got kicked out of 6 schools and Josephine got kicked out of 20 schools, can Gloria stop these unruly kids from tearing the family apart or will things get even worse?

Disipline Techiques: Reflection Room, (For Jamie) Naughty Platform (For Josephine)

Other Techiques: Thought BoxMommy and MeSnack Jar TechniqueBaby Log