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Trick or TreatingEdit

Nicole: "The Sampsons went out trick or treating."

Brian: "Children! Time to come downstairs! We are ready for trick or treating!"

Emily: "Okay!"

[Emily is dressed up as Draculaura]

[Melanie is seen dressed in a witch costume]

[Dave is seen dressed up as Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon series]

[Andy is dressed up as a mummy]

[Duck is dressed up as Boots the Monkey]

[Courtney is seen dressed up as Selena Gomez]

Courtney: "How do I look?"

Cyndi: "You look perfect, honey."

Cut to:

[The kids go trick-or-treating]

[Melanie rings the doorbell]

Emily/Courtney: "Trick or (bleep)!"

Melanie/Dave/Andy/Duck: "Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!"

Dave: "Fad."

Neighbor: "Nice costumes! I will hand you out some Laffy Taffies!"

At homeEdit

[The family is watching Hotel Transylvania]

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