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  • Toshio and Satoko's dream was going back to Japan
  • Ann and Jack's dream was having parents that weren't mean or abusive
  • Satoko was going to get the first-person shooter game, Team Fortress 2, for Christmas before she moved from Japan, since she moved before Christmas Day, as Kenji snuck the present into her luggage.
  • Satoko met Garret at a restaurant, back when she was a waitress. According to her, he attracted her with his 'he-man' attitude while Toshio was playing outside of the restaurant, Satoko also attracted him with her seductive behavior
  • Toshio, Ann and Jack were discovered at a local pizza parlor by a talent agency who encouraged the children to become child actors/models while Satoko and Garrett were talking, but when they saw them, Satoko told them that Ann and Toshio were only 6 and Jack was only 7, but accepted her son to be a star, which the talent agency were looking for in their next commercial. After a successful commercial audition, The children's career soared
  • Garrett's abusive behavior was caused by his jealousy because of his children's success in their career
  • Jack, Toshio and Ann starred in over 76 commercials, appeared as guest stars on 52 TV sitcoms, 33 TV movies, 29 TV specials and even 16 movies
  • Toshio's favorite toys are his 8 Sonic the Hedgehog plush dolls, 2 Mario plushies, and 13 Pokemon plushies
  • Satoko is a creepypasta writer
  • Satoko is a fan of Shonen Jump.
  • Satoko plays the following video games
  1. Left 4 Dead 2
  2. Call of Duty series
  3. Bioshock
  4. Pokémon
  5. Team Fortress 2 (Post Episode)
  6. Half-Life
  7. Portal
  8. Sniper Elite
  9. Halo
  10. Corpse Party

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