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Nicole: "Samantha Kyra went to the psychiatrist and met Dr. Neumann."

[Brooke is downstairs with Dr. Neumann]

Brooke: "Hey Samantha! someone wants to see you!"

[Samantha comes down stairs with a Jerry Mouse plush doll and her toy raccoon Tanuki in her arms]

Brooke: "This is Samantha she is about to turn 11."

Dr Neumann: "Hello there Samantha."

Samantha: "Hi."

Brooke: "She had a nightmare of turning into a monster, she also sometimes sleeps outside because she hates it when other people watch her when she is asleep..."

Dr. Neumann: "So, tell me Samantha. How does it make you feel having a nightmare about turning into a monster?"

Samantha: "I feel scared."

Dr. Neumann: "What does that monster do and what is that monster like?"

Samantha: "It looks like me...execpt it is pure evil and her voice appears in my head........"

Dr. Neumann: "So what is keeping you awake? you must sleep sometime.."

[Samantha stays quiet]

Dr. Neumann: "Do you ever dream about something?"

Samantha: " is just my evil side killing people....."

Brooke: "Sammy..."

[Brooke turns to Dr. Neumann]

Brooke: "So what's happening to my sister?"

Dr. Neumann: "I do believe she is suffering a mental illness."

Samantha: "I see them."

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