Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "Sam Horne was expelled from school No. 3 because he threw the school supplies out the window."

Kathryn: "Sam, it's time to get up, you'll be late for school."

Sam: " "

Kathryn: "Sam come on, Michaela and Allyson are up and dressed too."

Sam: "F(bleep) OFF! I AIN'T GOIN'!"

[Allyson is dressed and having breakfast]

[Michaela comes downstairs to have her breakfast]

Jeff: "Here's your breakfast, Michaela."

Michaela: "Thank you."

Sam at SchoolEdit

Mrs. Jordan: " "

Nicole: "But what Sam did next was totally dreadful."

[Sam's anger explodes at Mrs. Jordan]

Sam: "I HATE YOU!"

[Sam throws his folder out the window, which smashes]

Mrs. Jordan: "Oh, my goodness!

[Sam begins throwing the rest of the school supplies out the window]

Mrs. Jordan: "Mr. Horne, settle down!"

Sam: "F(bleep) YOU (bleep)!

[Sam tries to throw a chair at Mrs. Jordan, but the chair is taken off his hands and went on the floor.]

Mrs. Jordan: That's it! I'm going to call your parents.

Principal's OfficeEdit

The Incident is ReportedEdit

Mrs Jordan: "Principal Edward! Sam Horne threw the school supplies out the window!"

Principal Edward: "I need to report this immediately."

[The phone rings]

Jeff: "Hello?"

Principal Edward: "Jeff, I need to "

Principal Edward's DecisionEdit

Nicole: " "

[Sam is at the principal's office with Jeff and Mrs. Jordan]

Principal Edward: "Sam is being officially expelled from school,"

Expulsion AftermathEdit

Nicole: " "

Jeff: "Samuel Taylor, we need to have a word with you RIGHT NOW."

[Allyson is in the room, playing with her toys]

Jeff: "Excuse me, Allyson, baby. Could you take your toys upstairs and play somewhere else? Mommy and I need to speak to Sam alone, sweetie."

Allyson: "Sure."

[Allyson takes her toys upstairs to her room]