Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Veruca: [on the phone] "Daddy, can you come round?"

[Dearna and Alicia are fighting]

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's see who we got here this week.'

Veruca: "Hi, we're the Salt Family, I'm Veruca and I'm a single widowed mother."

Alicia: "SHUT UP, MOM!"

Veruca: "I have two daughters, Alicia aged 13 and Dearna aged 12."

[Alicia and Dearna scratch and hit each other]

Veruca: "My darling husband Daryl tragically died in a work-related accident."

[We see a picture of Veruca's late husband Daryl]

Veruca: "Daddy, you have to come round, they're fighting again!"

Dearna: "Go kill yourself, you stupid (bleep)!"

Veruca: "My parents look after the girls while I'm away to work."

Henrietta: "That's naughty, stop it! That's naughty!"

Veruca: [on the phone] "Daddy, can you come round? They're going absolutely mad!"

[Alicia chases after Dearna]

Alicia: "Ha-ha! I got you!"

[Henry separates the girls and places them in separate time-outs]

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo Arrives at the Salt DoorstepEdit

[Jo rings the doorbell]

Jo: "Hello."

Veruca: "I'm Veruca Salt."

[Jo shakes Veruca's hand]

AM MorningEdit

Veruca: "That hurt Supernanny! DADDY! She just threw a book at Jo's face and she also threw a handful of rice at her hair."

Jo: "Is this your father?"

Veruca: "Yeah, this is Henry."

Jo: "Hello, you must be Henry Salt, Veruca's father and also Dearna and Alicia's grandfather."

Henry: "You're looking at him."

Veruca: "Dearna just threw a handful of rice at Jo's hair."

Henry: "Where is she? Where is that young rascal?"

Veruca: "She's hiding in the closet."

Henry: "Dearna, come here."

Jo: "Doesn't Veruca even bother dealing with the discipline?"

Henrietta: " "

Observation ContinuesEdit


[Henry and Henrietta are cooking lunch for themselves and Alicia and Dearna]

Jo: "So you two look after your granddaughters while your daughter is at work?"

Henrietta: "Yes."

Jo: "Where does Veruca work?"

Henrietta: "She works at the Maxfield Store."

Henry: "She found it very exciting and she enjoyed her job so much and she ."

Jo: "So tell me about Veruca's late husband."

Henrietta: "Veruca and Daryl were married for "

Henry: " "

[The girls and their grandparents eat lunch together]

Henry: "So tell me, girls, why can't you be good?"

Alicia: "Mom hardly ever spends time with us."

Jo: "Do any of you girls have any friends?"

Alicia: "Yeah."

Dearna: "I know."

Time to Go ShoppingEdit

[Alicia sees Jessica and her friends] Veruca: "ALICIA! Get back here!"

[Veruca chases after Alicia]

[Alicia shoplifts a bottle of perfume]

Veruca: "Alicia, what are you doing?"

Dearna: "Mom, can I get a tub of some red Gak and a cosmetic kit, please?"

Veruca: "Sorry, not today."


Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "Veruca is a mother, and she needs to take charge of her own children."

The Phone CallEdit

[We see Nicole at the vet with her dog Lucy II]

Nicole: "Hello, who's calling?"

Veruca: "This Veruca Salt speaking, the widowed mother of two girls, Alicia, age 13 and Dearna, age 12."

Nicole: "What seems to be the problem with them?"

Veruca: "Alicia and Dearna are fighting like two men in a bar and swearing like sailors."

Nicole: "You know what, Veruca? For using profanity, the girls will have to have some Green Smoothie. And it's the Calm Down Zone for your young ladies if they fight or misbehave. Alicia will stay in there for 13 minutes and Dearna for 12 minutes."

Veruca: "I'll do my best."

Nicole: "I know you will. Good luck!"

Veruca: "Thanks a lot Nicole."

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Don't do that."

[Alicia snatches the pen off Jo]

Jo: "May I have that pen back, please?"

[Veruca takes the pen off Alicia and gives it back to Jo]

Jo: "Thank you very much."

Calm Down ZoneEdit

The GateEdit

Henry: "Gather round, both of you."

Henry: "When the gate is closed, what does it mean?"

The Lose What You Like and Get What You Hate ChartsEdit

Green SmoothieEdit


Henry: "We can't believe that she handled the discipline all by herself under Jo's guidance."

Henrietta: "Yes Henry, dear, she did it without our help and we are both really proud of her."

Family Test RunEdit

Alicia: "Mom stinks."

Veruca: "Alicia Persephone Salt. That isn't nice talk. If you continue to talk to me rudely, I will be removing a privilege from that chart over there *points to the Lose What You Like Chart*"

Alicia: "Fine."

Veruca: "Not long after, Dearna started misbehaving."

[Dearna hits Alicia's forehead]

Veruca: "Dearna Sable Salt! It's not okay to hurt your sister!"

Dearna: "BITE ME (bleep)!!!"

Veruca: "And it is not acceptable to speak to me like that. Do it again then you will be going to the Calm Down Zone."

DVD MeetingEdit

Alicia and Dearna vs. the BabysitterEdit

Jo: "I decided to go with Veruca to spend some time with Henry and Henrietta at the movies, leaving the girls with a young babysitter named Whitney Dumais."

Whitney: "Yes ma'am."


Time for Jo to GoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

Veruca: "Since Jo left, my life has changed for the better. I now have better control at disciplining the girls."

[Veruca, Alicia and Dearna are on a merry go round with Henry and Henrietta looking on and waving to their granddaughters]

[Henry takes a picture of Veruca and her daughters on a merry go round with his camera]

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