Sakura Shako (Japanese:車庫佐倉, Shako Sakura) (October 3rd 1920-August 9th 1945) is the mother of Tokiko and Yuuya Shako, who died in the Nagasaki bombing from wounds, age 25.


She had a green kimono and had her hair tied back

As a ghost, her skin is bluish-white, her kimono is completely tattered, and her hair is no longer tied back


She was a kind, honorable, and shy woman who wanted the war to end

As a ghost, she is calm, quiet, and the aftermath of the bombing destroyed her original personality, only being very quiet unless talked to.

She also seems that during WWII when American soldiers invaded Japan, she saw it like a first-person shooter, she killed any American soldiers who entered her house.

As shown in Anime Comic Party, an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated, she is shown to physically hit Samuel the Otter for taking a toy Sonic doll off Tokiko that she won in the raffle, meaning that she doesn't like him, and threatening Antonino with a needle filled with penicillin in the same episode.


(I didn't want to member, Toki-san was also scared, I didn't want to die, not in a time like that, no one deserves this) ~ Sakura talking to Reicheru

(Don't you take toys off my little girl!) ~ Sakura hitting Samuel after snatching a Sonic doll off Tokiko

Theory Smash Brawl BioEdit

Name: Sakura Shako

Age: 25 (93/111)

DOB: October 3rd 1920 (Libra)

DOD: August 9th 1945

Location of Origin: Tokyo, Japan (Died in Nagasaki)

Info: A young Japanese woman who lived with her husband, Ryou, and her two children, Tokiko and Yuuya, She died in the Nagasaki bombing that ended World War II, in modern times, she is a fan of first-person shooters.


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