Sabrina-Brunetta Imogen Spears (born July 10, 2009) is an upcoming boss in the Theory series. She is an evil spellcaster who casts crazy spells. She turned her teacher into a spoon. She is Catherine the Spellcaster's evil arch nemesis, who holds a grudge on the Californian Spellcaster. Her goal is to get revenge on Catherine, who got her expelled from Spellcaster Academy for her evil deeds.

In Supernanny: The Theory DIY History, Morisa Othorimer creates the TLMTOM (The Lean Mean Team Othorimer Machine) organization to associate with Joshua Juritin and Spears. A fivesome came to defeat the bosses.

Later, at Joshua Orbit, a complete fivesome battles Joshua. Then, the five approach Sabrina's evil mansion. She and the fivesome battle against each other. After Sabrina is defeated, she threatens to turn her family into iPads. Nicole dials 911 on the phone to arrest spears. The police arrives at Sabrina's wicked mansion. They bring out the handcuffs and take Spears away to the back of a cop car.

Sabrina ended up leaving her mansion. She got taken away to Supernannya Jail. Therefore, the Funny Five officially became rulers of Supernannya due to saving the world from havoc multiple times. Several weeks after Spears gets sent to jail, she finds her way out by casting a spell and plus mode starts.

Several months after plus mode starts, the Funny Five ends up battling Spears again. Sabrina is defeated, Nicole calls 911 again and lots of police cars arrive. The police quickly handcuff Spears and then they take her to the back of a cop car.

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit


Sabrina-Brunetta has brown hair and blue eyes. Usually, she wears a green tank top with jeans and red Converse shoes but she also wears different outfits. In the revisited episode, she wears a pink camisole, blue jeans and blue Vans sneakers. As a spellcaster in the Theory games, she wears a wizard's robe and a witch's hat.


Family TreeEdit

  • Mother: Wendy Spears (1985-)
  • Brother: Elijah Spears (2013-)
  • Father: unknown
  • Aunts: Caroline Spears, Marie-Grace Spears, Agatha Rubin
  • Uncles: Peter Rubin, Gardner Rubin,
  • Cousins: Kit Rubin, Elizabeth Rubin, Agnes Spears, Nellie Rubin
  • Grandmother: Felicity Spears (née: Rubin ) ( -)
  • Grandfather: Edward Spears ( -)


In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • In the Theory game series, Sabrina-Brunetta is wanted by the authorities for murder, kidnapping, theft, practicing magic without a license, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, arson and larceny
  • She receives coal for Christmas 2025

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