Ryou Shako's Post WWII Journal is a journal wrote by Ryou after the Nagasaki bombing and him dying three weeks later, it was found my American soldiers a week after Ryou died

Entry 1: StuckEdit

Thanks to the Nagasaki bombing, I'm trapped in the office, the door is blocked by rubble, I feel my stomach growl, s***, There's no food in the office, I'm gonna die! F***!

Entry 2: One WeekEdit

1 week past, come on, just die already. I want to be with Tokiko and Sakura, Japan surrended to the Allies, ow! I'm so hungry, I could really eat a horse!

Entry 3: Two WeeksEdit

It had least been 2 weeks, I got out my Sniper rifle, "Kuro" and killed about 10 American soldiers as they approached.

Entry 4: I Ate My YukataEdit

I ate the top half of my yukata, it's not very satisfiying. It tasted really terrible. I wish I could have something more filling and something more satisfying than the top half of my yukata.

Entry 5: StarveEdit

I passed out from hunger while defending, they bribed me with food, and refused to give any, my stomach growled, I clutched it in hunger, and they didn't give me any, I hate them, I will kill Jonathan Woods, his wife Hannah, and one of their kids, Jenni,, the removed the rubble, but when I tried to run out, they locked the f***ing door, they gave me the name "Starving Japanese SOB!" then I saw them through the window and shot them despite my hunger, clean headshots, except Jonathan, he escaped.

Entry 6: Three WeeksEdit

It had been at least three weeks, I can't walk no more, Yuuya came in, My breathing was labored, I see that his eye had something over it, when he came back, I'm dead, he buried my body, the fruit, and my sniper rifle, when I woke up, I was floating, ate the fruit because even Ias a ghost, I was still hungry which were freshed picked, and picked up my rifle, I feel lighter from the lack of food, I was desperate, hungry, and the fruit filled me, I also heard my friend Shinozawa has slightly voracious appetite as a yūrei, so, he eats many times the excessive need, well, not all the time, he has manners, well, he had the same fate as me, starvation, but he got to eat before death, it extremely slightly bloated his stomach, then they never let him have any food, he hit 21 kg at death, less than my weight when I died.

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