Ryo Kisho's Journal is an item found in Another vs. Normal Party: iNSaNiTY, it consists of Ryo and Satoshi Jr's time at the con until their deaths

Entry 1Edit

It was Satoshi's birthday today, we decided to go to a private Anime con, we went as a Kuroshitsuji cosplay group, he cosplayed as Ciel Phantomhive and me as Sebastian Michaelis, both from Kuroshitsuji, we partied and danced, it all went well until my brother went missing, and a strange person held a strong-smelling cloth to my face, making me pass out, when I woke up, my brother was wailing, and I saw an unconsious Italy cosplayer blindfolded, then the kidnapper blindfolded me, then my brother screamed as he was stabbed in the throat over dozen upon dozens of times until his voice became weaker, I only heard weak gurgling and choking, It had been half an hour now, the inhuman screams of an young boy having his vocals removed.....have finally came to a halt, then I head "NO! No!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Without a moment of silence, the Italy Veneziano cosplayer is next to scream for his life, and it goes on, he screamed "MY EYE! IT HURTS! TAKEO! SAVE ME! TAKEO!" Takeo? Wasn't he the Kiku Honda cosplayer with him? It ended with a few screams

Entry 2Edit

I'm next, I'm still blindfolded, then I felt the knife go into my abdomen, I screamed, he stabbed me, I screamed with every stab, and 5 minutes later, my screams became weaker, and the killer removed my intestines and some of my internal organs, the blood stained my Sebastian cosplay, then the killer walked out

Entry 3 Edit

I seem to be dead, I can't move my body, neither can the other two, I feel like I'm floating, My skin is very pale white, I feel the wound on my abdomen, Then I looked at the Italy cosplayer, Shikoki, he had a bloody hole were his right eye was stabbed, My brother still had the wounds on his neck, it stained the top part of his Ciel cosplay, we still had the wigs on, but we couldn't take them off, are we dead?

Entry 4Edit

The private con center was demolished a few months later, but we gave it its own universe, unable to escape, anyone that dies, has every trace of their existence removed, another convention takes its place, but a public one, anyone that enters the basement, gets into the Private Anime Con, PREPARE TO DIE!

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