Jo Frost-11-11-11
Sophie Ryder (34) and Callum Butter (49) from California are a blended family have five beautiful children, 18-year-old Reginald who is Callum's son and two sets of twins, Daphne and Brendan (14 1/2) and Thomas and Dalton (11 1/2) who are Sophie's children. Ever since Reginald started college he has been a R.E.M. fan. He and Daphne are well-behaved, as for the rest of the kids, they are far from it. The youngest set of twins as well as Brendan are defiant and aggressive. In addition, when the family goes swimming, both sets of twins are still in arm bands except Daphne. When the two sets of twins have a cold, they still have Karvol on their pajamas; however, Daphne managed to give it up, but Brendan will go bonkers if he has to give it up. Daphne has had sexual activity and is worried about her upcoming son since Thomas and Dalton punch her womb. The Naughty Tuffet is introduced for the first time. The Naughty Tent is introduced as well.

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