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Rowan Remano gets kicked out of Milliard West High School

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Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "Rowan got expelled from school because he poured wine and beer at his classmates."

Rowan at SchoolEdit

Principal's OfficeEdit

The Incident is ReportedEdit

Student: "Principal Salado, one of the students doused us with alcohol!"

Principal Salado: "Let's see who's behind all this."

[Principal Salado finds Rowan holding a bottle of beer]

Principal Salado: "Rowan, did you do this? Tell me the truth." 

Rowan: "No!"

Principal Salado: "May I talk to you in my office?"

Rowan: "Who cares?! I'm outta here." (tries to leave, but a staff member blocks him)

Principal Salado's DecisionEdit

Expulsion AftermathEdit

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