Rowan Remano (born April 9, 2002) is a son of Hugo and Bruna Remano.

To help to improve his behavior, Hugo and Bruna tried, Behavior Modification Camp, Military School, Boot Camp, Theraputic Boarding School and Residential Treatment Center.

He is a boss in

Fame Checker DescriptionsEdit


He has amber eyes, medium skin and light brown hair.


Family TreeEdit


Hugo Remano -

Bruna Remano -

Katarina Remano -

Joshua Remano -

Sam Remano

Meghann Remano

Bryce Remano

Jose Remano

Orla Remano

Aiden Remano

Adelle Remano - Rowan fears that she might ruin his upcoming wedding in Remano Family Revisited


  • His full name is Roman Miguel Remano
  • He receives coal for Christmas 2015
  • For Halloween 2015, he was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • He was expelled from 19 schools
  1. Gibbon High School for selling drugs on school grounds
  2. St. Mary's High School for selling cocaine on school grounds and stealing the money from the collection plate
  3. Columbus High School for throwing cocaine at his fellow classmates
  4. Aquinas High School for selling marijuana on school grounds
  5. Weeping Water High School for possession of alcohol and drugs
  6. Battle Creek High School for smoking
  7. Rock County High School for putting crystal meth on his fellow classmates' lunches
  8. Clay Center High School for possession of crystal meth
  9. Southwest High School for throwing crystal meth at his fellow classmates
  10. Ralston High School for possession of marijuana
  11. Exeter-Milligan Public School for lighting a fire on the football field
  12. Lincoln East High School for possession of heroin
  13. Milliard West High School for pouring wine and beer on his fellow classmates
  14. Lincoln High School for smuggling drugs during a school field trip
  15. Madison High School throwing crystal meth at the teacher and getting into the alcoholic drinks
  16. Creighton Preparatory School for selling heroin and crystal meth
  17. Westside High School for selling alcohol and heroin on school grounds
  18. Mount Michael Benedictine High School for possession of cocaine
  19. Lakeview High School for pouring alcoholic drinks on his fellow classmates
  • The following drugs which he formerly takes were:
  1. Marijuana
  2. Cocaine
  3. Crystal Meth
  4. Heroin
  • His favorite TV program is Family Guy and The Simpsons
  • His favorite activities are
  • His favorite movie is
  • His favorite color is


After Remano Family Revisited, he is married to 

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