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Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

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Jo: "Let's take a look and see who we got this time."

???: "Hi, we're the Room Family! I'm Christine, and I'm a library assistant."

???: "I'm Phil and I'm a computer technician."


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Jo: "Here it is, the family schedule chart."


Blake's 2nd BirthdayEdit

Jo: "Later on that afternoon was Blake's birthday party. Mom and dad invited the neighborhood kids around his age over to his Bob the Builder-themed party."

[Christine walks over with Jo to the buffet table and we see Bob and Wendy's Tea and Biscuits, a Bob the Builder construction chocolate birthday cake, Muck's Mashed Potatoes, Lofty's Grilled Tires (burgers), Wendy's Bolts and Screws Salad, Brownie Boulders, Construction Crush and Lofty Wheels]

Christine: "We've got construction cone cups, boxed lunches, boxes of favors, Bob the Builder cupcakes, construction party personalize lollipops, tool cupcakes, a dump truck piñata, foil balloons, tool cookies, and the Bob the Builder birthday cake."

[Blake is dressed in a kids construction worker costume, complete with a kids construction vest, and a child-sized construction hard hat]

Christine: "Phil's taking care of the decorations, both inside and out."

[Phil draws lines, arrows and writing directions on the sidewalk with mini sidewalk chalk to lead guests right to the door]

[Phil adds a few construction 7" traffic signs to the outdoor display and lines the walkway with 5" mini construction cones]

Christine: "Over here we have a sandbox filled with dump trucks, and there's the ice cream bar, the present table, the Bob the Builder bounce house, and the coloring station."

[Blake's friends, Nick, Edward, Tabitha, Yoshi, Mitchell, and Kyle walk by]

Christine: "Blake, your friends are here!"

Blake: "Welcome!"


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