In this episode, Kendra heads to Birmingham, West Midlands in the UK to help Martha Romo (32) take back control of her three children. While son Leon (14) is well-behaved, it's daughters Karen-Marie (11) and Celeste (8) that misbehave. Karen-Marie refuses to do her homework and is on the verge of repeating Year 6 at school, while Celeste is extremely violent and choose to sleep when SHE wants (her words, not mine). Will Kendra tame Karen-Marie and Celeste?

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart (for Karen-Marie) and Thinking Pond (for Celeste)

Other techniques used: Thought Box (for Leon), Family Time, Stay in Bed, Homework Area, Think Before you Speak Technique, Chore Buddy System and Reward Chart (Snapbacks for Leon and Lady Gaga for Karen-Marie and Celeste)

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