Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "Rolf was expelled from his 1st school called Albany Elementary School for bullying his fellow classmates who got to play their roles in the play Adam and Eve because he didn't."

At SchoolEdit

Mrs Carver (Rolf's former teacher): "Good morning class."

Time to select roles for the playEdit

Nicole: "Then it was time to announce the parts for Adam and Eve."

Mrs. Carver (Rolf's former teacher): "The rest of you will not play the role as anybody in this play."

Rolf: "Es ist nicht fair! Ich möchte sie töten, wenn du ausgewählt wurden eine Rolle zu spielen!" (Translation: "It's not fair! I want to kill you if you have been chosen to play a role!")

[Rolf sulks]

Nicole: "But then suddenly, Rolf snapped!"

[Rolf begins bullying the children]


Principal's OfficeEdit

[Rolf is at the principal's office with Mrs. Carver and Joseph]

Principal Kane: "Thank you for coming."

Expulsion AftermathEdit

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