Jo Frost-11-18-11

Nanny Jo heads off to Little Rock, Arkansas to help a single mother and her five children. Six months ago, 37-year-old Margaret Rodriguez's husband, Jared (who was a police officer) was shot to death by a drug smuggler (who died 2 days ago on his way to prison to esophaegal cancer) and this terrible tragedy has taken a heavy toll on her and her five children. 9-year-old Malachi refuses to do his homework, pulls humiliating pranks on his brothers, sisters and his mother, swears, calls his mother bad names, and plays music with questionable content. 4-year-old Leif throws tantrums, swears, spits, bites, pinches, cries, refuses to stay in bed, stays up past his bedtime watching Go Diego Go, and runs into the street. 5-year-old Glinda plays with her mother's make-up, screams at her mother, slaps, bites, pinches, throws tantrums, and acts up in public. 3-year-old Apple, who is in danger of being kicked out of preschool, terrorizes her 9-month-old brother Storm by pinching and kicking him, swears, throws tantrums, screaming, draws on the walls, pushes her siblings, and refuses to eat her given meals. Can Jo help this grieving family?

Discipline techniques used: Thinking Pond (for Apple, Leif, and Glinda), Naughty Room (for Malachi) and Toy Confiscation

Other techniques used: Baby Log, Star Reward Chart, Good Eater, Stay in Bed, Roaming Technique, Homework Station (for Malachi)