Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo comes to Fayette County, Georgia on a rescue mission to stop a group of unruly kids from tearing the family apart."

Announcer: "Meet the Rockcastle Family..."

Jo: "Hello..."

Announcer: "Whose 11-year-old son Ash and 13-year-old daughter Morgan are too lazy to help around the house..."

Ash: "Nah, you go do it..."

Morgan: "I'm busy watching TV, bother someone else."

Announcer: "...and they don't bother to help their mom with one single task."

Renee: "Ash, please...wash the towels."

Announcer: "The lazy bums continue staring at the boob tube..."

Morgan: "Leave me alone, mom!"

Announcer: "...surfing the Internet and chatting with friends online..."

Renee: "Morgan, get off the Internet! You need to set the table."

Announcer: "...and playing video games, while neglecting their little brother Andrew and putting him in danger."

Renee: "Ash, could you please look after Andrew for a while?"

Ash: "Fine."

[But Ash is focused on the game instead of Andrew]

Ash: "Boo-yah! High score, baby!"

[Andrew toddles into the basement]

Announcer: "Will Jo have what it takes to turn things around?"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look and see what family we've got here."

???: "Hi! We're the Rockcastle Family! I'm Renee and I'm a Real Estate Agent"

???: "I'm Bruce and I'm a carpenter!"

Renee: "From my previous marriage, I had Morgan who is 13 and Ash who is 11."

Bruce: "And together, we had Alex who is 7, Mandy who is 5, Tanya who is 4, and Emalee who is 3."

Renee: "Morgan and Ash refuse to help the family because they're too busy playing and doing stuff they're not supposed to do, such as slacking off, drinking beer, and

Renee: "Morgan, can you please look after your brother?"

Morgan: "Okay mom."

Bruce: "The younger girls are very selfish and they don't listen to us."

Mandy: "(bleep)!"

Tanya: "(bleep)!"

Emalee: '(bleep)!"

[Morgan spits at Renee]

[Ash pulls Andrew's face]

Renee: "Alex plays violent video games like Morgan and Ash."

[Alex, Ash, and Morgan are playing a violent video game Called ManHunt]

Bruce: "Supernanny, we need your help. Andrew could be in serious danger."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo arrives at the Rockastle DoorstepEdit

[We see a house with French doors, 2 balconies and 3 garages]

[Jo rings the doorbell]

[A woman comes with a baby in her arms]

Jo: "Hello..."

Renee: "Hi, I'm Renee Rockastle. This is Andrew, he is 1 years old."

Helping MomEdit

[Morgan is on her MySpace account while Ash is playing a violent video game and Renee is on the computer typing important stuff]

Renee: "Morgan, can you take a break from your MySpace, please wash the dishes for me."

Morgan: "I'm busy doing MySpace."

[Renee goes to Ash]

Renee: "Ash, turn off your video game, wash the dishes from me."

Ash: "No."

renee: "Could you at least look after Andrew?"

Observation ContinuesEdit

[Renee is holding Andrew, the phone rings]

Renee: "Hi Bruce."

Emalee: "Don't hold Andrew, hold me."

Renee: "Mommy is holding Andrew. You need to wait Emalee."

[Renee runs downstairs]

Jo: "Morgan and Ash won't bother to help Mom hold Andrew. They're too busy with computer, video games and TV!"


Naughty TentEdit

[Morgan is in the Internet]

Renee: "Morgan, get off the Internet! Please set the table up!"

Morgan: "Leave me alone, mom!"

Renee: "This is your warning, if you don't listen to mommy, then you'll be in the Naughty Tent."

[Morgan pushes Renee and continues on the internet]

[Renee takes Morgan to the Naughty Tent]

Renee: "You're in the Naughty Tent for refusing to listen to mommy!"

Lose What You Like Chart (For the Dual)Edit

[Morgan and Ash draws a picture of Jo, Renee, Bruce, and Andrew being struck and crushed to death by steamrollers, cars, lightning, and Godzilla]

Renee: "Oh my goodness! That is a not nice and a hurtful picture! Your violent video games are in the Lose What You Like Chart! This includes Halo 3 and Call of Duty!"

Naughty RoomEdit

Bruce: "Alex, please eat your spinach and you can continue your game."

Alex: "No!"

Bruce: "If you don't eat your spinach when your mom counts to five, you'll be in the Naughty Room."

Renee: "One...Two...Three...Four...Five."

[After 5 seconds, Alex didn't eat the spinach]

Bruce: "Okay, you're going to the Naughty Room!"

[Bruce takes Alex to the Naughty Room]

Toy Confiscation (For the Younger Kids except Andrew)Edit

[Alex, Emalee, Tanya and Mandy are watching a TV show]

Renee: "Turn off the Tv. Time for you guys to play outside."

Tanya: "No! We don't want to!"

[Emalee smacks Renee on the face]

Mandy: "You (bleep) stupid a**!"

[Alex spits at Renee]

[Renee confiscates all of the four kids' toys]

Renee: "They are in the confiscation box for misbehaving."

Thinking Pond (For the Three)

Renee: "Go to the Thinking Pond right now!"

[Renee puts the 3 girls in the Thinking Pond]

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