Jo Frost-11-25-11
Jo visits Fayette County, Georgia to help Bruce (32) and Renee Rockcastle (28) take back control of their children: Morgan (13), Ash (11), Alex (7), Mandy (5), Tanya (4), Emalee (3) and Andrew (1). These kids spend their countless hours playing violent video games, surfing the internet or chatting with friends on the computer and watching TV when asked to look after their youngest sibling, Andrew by their mom, Renee, who is a Real Estate Agent. Ash and Morgan are too lazy to do any household chores or even bother to handle responsibility to help around the house, Mandy, Tanya, and Emalee are selfish and they won't listen to their parents, and Andrew has no bedtime routine. These kids also use bad language, vandalize, fight, and show no sign of respect for authority. Can Jo fix these problems before they get any worse?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Tent (for Morgan), Lose What You Like Board (For Morgan and Ash), Toy Confiscation (for Alex, Emalee, Tanya, and Mandy), Naughty Room (for Alex), Thinking Pond (for Tanya, Mandy, and Emalee)

Other Techniques used: Safari Reward Chart, Chore Chart, Stay in Bed, Shared Play, Same Page, Limitations technique

Jo Frost-11-18-11