Robert Droid-Astrid (born April 23, 2006) is the identical twin brother of Richard Droid-Astrid and son of Chris Droid.


He has blue eyes


Family TreeEdit


Chris -

Eleanore -

Reginald -

Richard -

Frederick -

Shannon -


  • His full name is Robert Jared Droid-Astrid
  • He was diagnosed with metastatic hepatablastoma, a cancer affecting the liver
  • When he was 6, his wish was to become a Power Ranger via Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • He is made fun for losing all his hair due to chemotherapy
  • His favorite movie is Space Jam
  • His favorite TV program is Basketball Wives
  • His favorite color is brown
  • His favorite hobbies are playing basketball
  • For Halloween 2023, he was dressed up as a zombie basketball player
  • In Christmas 2023, he opened up his presents to reveal a basketball, basketball shorts, basketball posters, a basketball pillow, a basketball jersey and a Spalding 79351 backboard/rim combo with 44" poly-carbonate backboard. And in his stocking, he found a basketball iPhone 5 case, a basketball keychain, a pair of basketball socks and basketball trading cards


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