Rio Malkasian (born September 16, 2020) is a twin sister of Cleo Malkasian and daughter of Howard and Kumi Malkasian.


Rio has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a maroon Abercrombie shirt and blue jeans.


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Howard Malkasian
  • Mother: Kumi Malkasian
  • Sister: Cleo Malkasian
  • Aunts: May Malkasian, Abigail Malkasian, Marge Ogle
  • Uncles: Henry Malkasian, Frank Malkasian, Rob Malkasian
  • Cousins: Bucky Malkasian, Maria Ogle, Amy Malkasian, Angela Malkasian, Conrad "Muscles" Malkasian, Adam Malkasian, Rocky Ogle, George Malkasian
  • Grandmothers: Grace Malkasian, Aisha Ogle
  • Grandfathers: Victor Malkasian, Phillip Ogle


  • Her full name is Rio Lynn Malkasian
  • Her favorite movie is Pokemon the Movie 2000

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