Jo Frost-11-11-11
This episode though is not an episode by television, it is unlocked in Supernanny: The Theory International for 20,000 jewels. In this episode, Jo heads to Madison to help grandparents Jim (62) and Caroline (67) deal with some visitors and two grandchildren. Cameron (10) and Lilly (7) feel irrestibly glum due to the loss of both of their parents in a tragic canoe crash the three years ago performed by 20 men, and their blocked funerals, so they've been living hell with their grandparents for two years. The two siblings constantly fight with each other and even turn on their grandparents when they try to discipline them. The 20 men who killed their parents are the main problem who encounter the household, pushing the grandparents to the test. They live in a homeless shelter. Caroline and Jim feel irrestibly glum due to their original home, which was destroyed by the men. Will Jo be able to give Jim and Caroline the tools to keep their grandchildren at bay? Or will disaster strike?

A man stabbed Cameron with a knife from the stomach to the neck to the arm and lacerated them.

Lilly's arms and legs are in casts.

Discipline technique used: Thinking Pond

Other techniques: Thought Box, Shared Play and Snack Jar Technique