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Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's have a look."

??? and ???: "Hi, we are the Reynolds Family."

???: "I'm Jodie, and I'm 43."

???: "And I'm Simon and I'm 45."

Jodie: "We have three sons. Renny who is 18 and the twins Richard and Reginald are 16."

Jo: "All above the age of 15. I better get a new technique."

Simon: "The twins both jump on the beds."

[Reginald jumps on Renny's bed]

Simon: "If the twins don't get what they want, they resort to leeching and they don't give up until they're bleeding".

[Richard sucks his armpit]

[Reginald sucks his shoulder]

Jodie: "Whenever it comes to colds, the twins think they have to have Karvol on their pajamas."

Simon: "Also, they still drink out of sippy cups."

Jodie: "During bike rides, the twins have training wheels and use armbands when swimming."

Jo: "Don't the kids at school make fun of them because they are using baby items?"

[Richard drinks out of a sippy cup]

[Richard and Reginald do "cheers" with their sippy cups]

[Richard uses Karvol]

[Reginald rides a bike with training wheels]

Jo: "The technique will be a naughty swivel chair. The only technique where the time can extend."

Jodie: "Our son Renny is religious."


Jo: "Did Renny ever talk to you about his goals after he graduates from high school and goes to college?"

Jo: "Richard and Reginald are teenagers, for Pete's sake, and they are still using Karvol, sippy cups, armbands and training wheels and I find it absolutely embarrassing and ludicrous. They should learn to do things on their own."

A new technique is introducedEdit

Jo: "Simon and Jodie never discipline the twins, so today, I brought in a new technique called the Naughty Swivel. First technique where time extends."

Jo: "If you break the house rules, you will end up on this Naughty Swivel."

Reginald: "Naughty Swivel?"

Jo: "Yes for misbehaving. Each of you will sit here for 1 minute for every year of your age. If it continues, the time will extend."

Jo: "And Richard pinched Reginald."

Jodie: "You don't hurt Reginald."

Richard: "NO!"

Jodie: "Are you going to say sorry?"

Richard: "NO!"

Simon: "Right! Naughty Swivel!"

[Reginald inflicts payback]

[Simon and Jodie send the twins to their respective Naughty Swivels]

Jo: "You will sit on the Naughty Swivel because you behaved unacceptably. Both of you. Like I said for 16 minutes."

16 minutes later

Jo: "Say you are sorry."

Richard and Reginald: "I WON'T BE SORRY!"

Jo: "Your refusal to apologize will increase your time in the swivels to 32 minutes."

Independence TechniqueEdit

Goodbye Sippy CupEdit

Bye-Bye KarvolEdit

Swimming without ArmbandsEdit

Riding Without Training WheelsEdit


DVD MeetingEdit

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