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Renny Reynolds (born May 24, 2001) is the oldest son of Jodie and Simon Reynolds.


He has spiked black hair and one blue eye and one brown eye.


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Simon Reynolds (1974-)
  • Mother: Jodie Reynolds (née: Jones) (1976-)
  • Brothers: Richard Reynolds (2003-), Reginald Reynolds​ (2003-)
  • Aunts: Carol Jones-Schäfer ( -), Georgia Jones- ( -)
  • Uncles: Hans Schäfer ( -), Olaf
  • Cousins: Mike
  • Grandmothers: Reynolds (née: Stewart) ( -),
  • Grandfathers: Jake Reynolds ( -),


  • His full name is Renny Michael Reynolds
  • He has been religious since he was 2
  • In Christmas 2018, he opened his presents to reveal Pinky and the Brain volume 1 DVD set. And in his stocking, he found candy.
  • His favorite activity is painting
  • His favorite video game is
  • His favorite TV show is


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