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Remano Family moves to Iowa

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This took place 5 years after Jo Frost saved the Remanos. 

Hugo and Bruna's AnnouncementEdit

Nicole: "The Remanos were moving to Iowa."

Hugo: "We have a special thing to tell you, children."

[Rowan, Joshua, Sam, Meghann, Bryce, Jose and Orla enter the living room]

Hugo: " "

Hugo and Bruna Make Phone CallsEdit

Orla's SchoolEdit

[Bruna dials a number to Orla's school]

Jose's SchoolEdit

[Hugo dials a number to Jose's school]

Bryce's SchoolEdit

[Bruna dials a number to Bryce's school]

Meghann's SchoolEdit

[Hugo dials a number to Meghann's school]

Joshua and Sam's SchoolEdit

Rowan's SchoolEdit

The Perparations BeginEdit

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