Remano Family Revisited is an episode of Supernanny. In this episode, Jo revisits the Remano Family to see how they are doing. The seven amok runners are now well-behaved. The family does not live at this point in Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska, but Des Moines, a city in Iowa where Italian-Americans live. The family has lived in the Iowa area for 8 years so far. Katarina has 2 daughters, 1 adopted and 1 biological daughter Adelle, age 4 (from Sydney, Australia), and biological daughter baby Cheryl, age 3 months. She also has Aidan (11) and he is well-behaved. But Adelle is the straw that broke the camel's back this time. She is violent to animals, launches birds from slingshots, pulls raccoons by their tails, bonks rabbits on their heads with a toy hammer, stabs mice with kitchen knives, tortures the new family dog, Pixie, disturbs Aidan while doing homework, punches Meghann's womb containing her upcoming fraternal twin boy and girl and Rowan is afraid that she might ruin his upcoming wedding, while Sam and Joshua might harm a raccoon that Sam found injured in a forest. She was expelled from over 20 daycares and schools. Can Jo turn things around? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Platform, Baby Log, Thought Box, and Mommy & Me.

Katarina is now 31 years old, Rowan is now 25 years old, Joshua and Sam are now 24 years old, Meghann is now 22 years old, Bryce is now 17 years old, Jose is now 15 years old, Orla is days shy of it, and Hugo and Bruna are now 45 years old.


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