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Reicheru's Net is a game for the Nintendo 3DS download for $1.99 without tax. It is like 99 Seconds, and it is a Theory spin-off. It was released in January 4th, 2013.


The plot is based on Giuseppe and his siblings about to capture Reicheru.

In this game, you play as Giuseppe and his siblings, in a monster plane.


  • Instead of 99 seconds, the player is given 300 seconds.


The game received a score of 4-star average rating in the Nintendo eShop, a 3.5-star worldwide average rating in GameFlame, and a score of 30/40 from Famitsu (8,8,7,7).

However, Reicheru gave it a 1-star rating in GameFlame. Reicheru was angered by it, and so was Japanlover86.

Reicheru's review was "Feed this game to the sharks."

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